ASTRA is the acronym for the core values of Whanganui Girls’ College

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Achieve  |  Safe  |  Tipuranga  |  Respect  |  Awhi 

ASTRA is the acronym for the core values of Whanganui Girls’ College:

A – Achieve
S – Safe 
T – Tipuranga
R – Respect 
A – Awhi 

These are further defined as:

Achieve: Each student should work to reach their potential.

Safe: Students should work together to ensure learning happens in a safe and understanding environment.

Tipuranga: Growth happens in academic, cultural, sporting and emotional spheres.

Respect: A culture of mutual respect is a pre-requisite to achieveing successful outcomes.

Awhi: Supporting peers is key to ensuring a strong culture within our school.


Our ASTRA Programme aims to cultivate these values schoolwide. We do this through:

  • Every teaching staff member, including our principal, being an ASTRA mentor.
  • Having enough staff involved that these groups can be kept to around 13 students.
  • ASTRA mentors holding weekly meetings to support our students in managing the challenges of study and school life.
  • Mentors including practical skills for life beyond the classroom relevant to the year group they mentor.
  • Full academic reporting to parents twice a year in the form of a three-way conference – parent, student, mentor teacher. This is a time to review where the student is at and set goals for further achievement.

Since implementation of our ASTRA programme, our NCEA pass rates have consistently been above 90%, making them amongst the best in New Zealand.

“Our ASTRA values guide us on our journey to success”

Rachel Paim