Career Information

Pathway Planning Program Come in to see or email Ms Nina Barbezat at nb[email protected] if you want a blend of online and face to face support to begin identifying some of your career pathway options. We can use some of the tools below as well as discussion to create a personalised plan. Want to investigate your career options? Here is a good place to start: 

KNOWING YOURSELF Developing self-awareness

1. Knowing who we are – our interests, skills, qualities, cultural and personal values.


2. Strengths education – understanding how to develop our capabilities and talents.


3. Optimism- understanding behaviours that develop and reflect a positive attitudes about ourselves.

FINDING FUTURE OPTIONS Exploring opportunities

1. Understanding the idea of being a life long learner. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2. Locating & using career information effectively. Understanding unique career requirements & the labour market.

3. Understanding how work contributes to our concept of self, to our local and global community.


1. Understanding future planning as a series of choices & decisions. Setting ambitious but realistic career goals.

2.  Developing & implement short-term plans. Developing strategies to manage outcomes & obstacles. Being adaptable. 

3. Applying for and securing further education, post school experiences or employment. Communicating effectively in portfolios, applications, CVs, and face-to-face interactions.

Career Checker: CLICK HERE

Here is good place to start if you are currently at school